About My Egg Bank: Pioneers in rapid egg freezing technology

My Egg Bank is the first multi-center network of fertility centers offering the proprietary cryogenic egg vitrification process originally developed by Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta, Georgia.

Compared to traditional fresh egg donation, My Egg Bank’s egg vitrification technology offers significant benefits:

Proven success rates: My Egg Bank has established success rates equal to or better than traditional egg donation. Due to the dramatically reduced cell damage compared to other freezing methods, My Egg Bank’s technology yields more live deliveries per attempt.

More economical: My Egg Bank’s clinical treatment strategy is more efficient than traditional fresh egg donation and typically costs only one half to one third as much.

More convenient: Treatment can begin immediately with My Egg Bank’s frozen donor eggs. There is no delay waiting for a donor match or for donor/recipient mens! Or call 1.866.537.8642 to learn more about fertility financing.

Recipient-friendly donor selection process: My Egg Bank’s clinical care model gives recipients more choice and more control. My Egg Bank only accepts donors who pass rigorous screening for medical, genetic, and psychological issues. Donors are from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds are college educated or pursuing a degree.

A nationwide network of highly qualified centers: My Egg Bank assures the quality and diversity of our donor eggs by centralizing egg collection in five nationally recognized inventory production centers. These centers are Reproductive Biology Associates in Atlanta; IVF New England in Boston; The Center for Reproductive Medicine in Orlando; and, Seattle Reproductive Medicine. My Egg Bank frozen donor eggs are then made available to patients of our affiliate network centers located throughout the United States and Canada.

Recipients that seek care at My Egg Bank affiliate centers are treated by fertility specialist who are highly qualified and trained to use My Egg Bank's technology and vitrified donor eggs in their practice.