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Become a My Egg Bank Affiliate Center

My Egg Bank of North America (MEBNA) is an opportunity for your center to grow

My Egg Bank is looking for IVF centers across the United States and Canada to become a part of an exclusive network offering patients access to our proprietary cryogenically frozen egg technology.

The value proposition is simple: high success rates at one half to one third the cost of traditional fresh egg technology.

Success rates that are measurably better

MEBNA’s team of clinical and scientific experts completed the first egg donation treatment cycle using vitrification in 2006, with their first live birth occurring 2007. To date, MEBNA has produced more than 650 live births using their rapid egg freezing technology and recently completed its 1300th embryo transfer. MEBNA has produced more live births and transfers using frozen eggs than all other fertility practices in the United States combined.

One of the most diverse donor populations available

Becoming an affiliate center means being able to offer the most diverse catalog of frozen donor eggs in the nation. Your center will be able to attract the widest variety of patients because of the rich demographic variety they can source through our donor population.

Superior Technology

My Egg Bank’s proprietary rapid egg freezing technology has the potential to revolutionize reproductive medicine in the United States by making the delivery of fertility care more efficient and less costly.

High success rates produced by the technology allow physicians to choose single embryo transfers in more cases, which reduces multiple birth rates and subsequent complications of pregnancy.

Due in large part to data generated at RBA and reported by Dr. Zsolt Peter Nagy, Ph.D, the Scientific Director of RBA, and his colleagues in peer-reviewed medical journals, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recently lifted its experimental designation of egg freezing, declaring that in young patients egg freezing techniques have been shown to produce pregnancy rates, leading to the birth of healthy babies, comparable to IVF cycles using fresh eggs.

About My Egg Bank North America

With its proprietary rapid egg freezing technology, My Egg Bank North America provides patients with groundbreaking reproductive medical technology that is more convenient, clinically efficient and less expensive than traditional fresh egg donation – with equal or greater success than older egg donation techniques.

Learn more about becoming part of the My Egg Bank of North America network of affiliated centers. Contact H. Ron Davidson, III, CEO, My Egg Bank, North America for more information and qualifications required for joining the MEBNA network.

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