What you need to know about becoming an egg donor

Egg donation is a wonderful gift to give to a couple that desires a child and otherwise cannot conceive on their own.

At this time, we are seeking potential egg donors from the Atlanta, Boston, Charleston, Orlando and Seattle areas. We are looking for healthy women of all ethnic origins between 21 and 31 years of age. You must possess some form of higher education, above the high school level. Potential donors must be willing to complete a thorough screening process (which will be done at no charge). The screening process evaluates general and reproductive health, genetic history and psychological stability.

There are considerable advantages to donating to My Egg Bank, as opposed to traditional donor egg programs:

Unlike traditional programs with 6-9 month matching delays, if you are accepted as a My Egg Bank donor, you can immediately proceed with your donor cycle.

Once your cycle is completed, your donor compensation will be quickly processed.

The egg donation cycle is planned around your busy schedule, with no recipient cycle coordination required.

My Egg Bank donors are eligible for a Referral Fee if they recommend another donor who successfully completes a donor cycle. Check with your local center for details.


For more specific information about compensation rates for egg donation, contact the donation center you're interested in working with for more details.

Apply to become a donor

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