Frequently Asked Questions For Egg Donation

What are your requirements for donors, and how are they screened?

Women ages 21-30 answer our advertising and apply to the egg donor program. The donor team reviews the donor applications and profiles and selects the profiles of young women likely to pass screening. Donors must meet certain height and weight requirements. Educated donors are strongly preferred. Donors are subjected to genetic, medical, endocrinological, psychological, and ultrasound testing to determine if they are eligible. Included in the psychological consult is a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory / Personality Assessment Inventory (MMPI/PAI). Eligible donors are also screened and interviewed by one of the My Egg Bank partner physicians. All donors who pass screening meet FDA standards.

Why is there a height/weight criteria?

The medications that are administered work best in average weight individuals.

Can you donate your eggs if your tubes are tied?

Yes, you can donate your eggs even if your tubes are tied. The fallopian tubes are not involved in the retrieval process, just the ovaries.

Does donating my eggs affect my ability to have children in the future?

No, these drugs do not affect your future fertility.

How often do I need to come in for monitoring (lab work and ultrasound appointments)?

You will need to come in for approximately six to nine days in a row until your eggs have fully matured.

How long do the monitoring appointments last, and what times can I come in for appointments?

The appointments can last anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour, depending on how many patients are ahead of you. We offer appointments between 7:00a.m.- 11:30a.m., with the exception of a few appointments that need to be made later in the morning.

How many times can I donate my eggs?

You are eligible to donate up to six times in a lifetime, as long as you have been approved by our embryologist to return for additional donation cycles.

Does the egg retrieval process hurt, and how soon after can I return to work?

You will receive light IV sedation during the egg retrieval process, but you may have some discomfort afterwards. Every person has a different experience. Most individuals are able to return to work the next day, and others may need an additional day to recover from the procedure.

If the process is anonymous and the recipient couple does not see my adult photo, why do I submit one?

The adult photo that is submitted with your profile is used ONLY by the egg donor program team to match your physical characteristics with that of the potential recipient. The recipient usually desires a donor with similar physical attributes.

If you believe you meet the requirements for Reproductive Biology Associate's Egg Donation Program, fill out the Donor Application and send it in now. You could make an important difference in another woman’s life.