What you need to know about receiving Frozen Donor Eggs

MyEggBank’s proprietary rapid egg freezing technology provides a lower cost, more convenient donor IVF cycle option with a proven record of clinical outcomes that is equal to or better than traditional fresh donor IVF treatment. Best of all, frozen donor egg cycles through MyEggBank affiliate centers are on average about half the cost of traditional fresh donor cycles.

No long wait to find your donor

MyEggBank provides our patients access to the largest inventory of frozen donor eggs in the world. For most patients, our diverse database of egg donors completely eliminates the 6-9 month matching wait associated with other egg donation programs.

You control the donor matching process

In traditional egg donation programs, a patient’s egg donor selection options are limited to the egg donors that are presented to the recipient “by the program”.

When a patient utilizes MyEggBank, the patient is in complete control of the egg donor selection process. We give our recipients full access to all the information available for every egg donor within our frozen donor egg database.

Our highly experienced staff is available throughout the egg donor selection process to answer questions and offer any assistance a recipient needs in finalizing their egg donor selection.

We only use the highest quality donors

Our frozen egg bank only accepts donor eggs from the highest quality egg donors. In addition to meeting all FDA compliance standards, our egg donors go through a thorough medical, psychological and genetic screening process.

Care conveniently planned around your busy schedule

When using MyEggBank, the egg donation cycle is completely planned around your busy schedule. The use of frozen donor eggs eliminates the need to synchronize the cycle of the egg recipient to the egg donor.

MyEggBank Guarantee

MyEggBank offers a guarantee for each egg lot shipped from any partner center to “Technology” affiliate practices. For more information view our Guarantee Programs.