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Frozen Donor Eggs
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Becoming a patient is a simple two step process

The first step to becoming a donor recipient patient is to create a My Egg Bank account. When you create your personal account, you'll be asked to choose the My Egg Bank affiliate center that will provide your care. You will be asked to choose a center when you register. You cannot become a recipient until you have selected a center and formally enrolled as an active patient. Your selected center will have medical history forms and consents that will need to be completed. Please ask your center for more details.

Step two, go to the My Egg Bank website to create an active email account under your affiliate center. Once My Egg Bank has received the required information from your center your MEB account will be activated. You will then be able to view the complete donor profile including pictures and complete medical and genetic profiles.

While you narrow list of possible donors, your home center's staff and the egg bank team are happy to offer input regarding the donors. However, we ask that you limit the number of donors that you submit for us to help you consider to two. We also ask that you read the complete profile on each of the donors carefully before submitting your questions.

What is published on the web site is the full extent of non-identifying information that we have available. There are no hidden pieces of information that the donor staff would be able to offer above and beyond that which is already published for registered patients.

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