My Egg Bank Guarantee Programs

My Egg Bank offers multiple guarantee programs that are designed to provide peace of mind for patients who require egg donation. Contact our dedicated coordinators for detailed information on these programs that are offered exclusively through the My Egg Bank network.

NON-Technology Affiliate

Non-Technology Affiliate centers have opted to not receive training in My Egg Bank protocols. These centers use their own experience and protocols with My Egg Bank frozen donor eggs. There are no My Egg Bank guarantees associated with Non-Technology affiliate cycles.

While the vast majority of My Egg Bank network affiliates have been trained in our technology, please check with your home center to confirm their My Egg Bank Tech/Non-Tech status. It is the responsibility of the patient and home center to clarify this status prior to the selection and shipment of eggs.

Technology Affiliate

Technology Affiliate centers have been trained in the use and implementation of My Egg Bank's proven laboratory and clinical protocols. Patients undergoing My Egg Bank frozen donor egg cycles at these centers receive the My Egg Bank egg survival guarantee. My Egg Bank guarantees the survival of at least four (4) eggs from each egg lot purchased and shipped to a Technology Affiliate.

2 Embryo Guarantee Program

My Egg Bank is now providing a new service for network affiliate patients called the Embryo Creation Program. Affiliate centers can offer their patients the option of purchasing frozen donor eggs with the standard My Egg Bank thaw guarantee or the My Egg Bank Embryo Creation Program. The new program guarantees a minimum of 2 blastocyst stage frozen embryos. When using the Embryo Creation option, the patient selects a donor and their affiliate center ships their frozen sperm to the My Egg Bank partner center. The partner center uses the sperm to create embryos from the selected donor, freezes the embryos and ships them back to the affiliate center for thaw and transfer.

To qualify for this guarantee program the following criteria are required:

  • Sperm parameters (on the day of sperm freeze) require a total motile fraction of 5 million or greater and a morphology of 1% or higher (Kruger strict criteria). Sperm will be checked again at the time of egg warming/sperm thaw (prior to ICSI) to verify that it meets the required criteria.
  • No surgical procedures that require MESA, TESE or TESA.
  • A normal uterine cavity

Please note: Genetic testing PGD or PGS on embryos disqualifies the guarantee.

The fee for the Embryo Creation Guarantee Cycle is $15,000. The fee includes the frozen donor egg lot and all embryology services. The fee does not include costs associated with the shipment of frozen sperm or the return shipment of frozen embryos. For more information contact the donor coordinator at your center.

If the selected donor has limited available oocytes, then it may result in the creation of 1 frozen blastocyst. This frozen blastocyst has to be used first for embryo transfer before a second blastocyst is created (from a different donor). If the transfer of the first blastocyst results in an ongoing pregnancy/delivery, the guarantee will have been met and no secondary blastocyst will be created.